NI Degree in Social Work Partnership

NIDSWP had set a project to create a new website with an online training platform to help reduce time and streamline their existing manual training methods. This older method involved travelling over Northern Ireland presenting PowerPoint presentations with a large group of people.

After meeting with the clients to fully understand and map out the training platform features, I was able to configure a system to meet their requirements which was received with very positive feedback and a successful live run in 2017.

Along with the website which provides information, latest news and online training documents, the online training platform allows selected users to register and login online to complete questions and answers, provide feedback and on successful completion is provided with a certificate. Admins are able to use the CMS to manage users, check progress, provide feedback and more.

In 2018 NIDSWP plan to evolve the website further with a Teacher and Student Hub which is currently under development.

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